Do you know that detoxing is the foundation of true health?
More vitality, the right weight and perfect bowel movement.

Gentle Daily Cleansing Tea

Recently I encountered a very mild but highly effective method of detoxification from the body: The ‘Gentle Daily Cleansing Tea’. * After a little digging, and quite a few phone calls with the developer, Dr. Darrell Wolfe, I’ve pulled together with my husband the plunge and we started using this tea.

Initially I was a little skeptical because of the fact that I have 20 years taken particularly good care for my body.
I thought: ‘Lets see what is going to happen‘.

The first few days I did not notice much of a difference. Then I observed that I had some typical detoxification symptoms: I was thirsty, had somewhat dark circles under my eyes and my stool was different of composition than usual.

Gradually a few things a changed. A friend who saw me exclaimed:

What did you do? You look amazing‘!

By now I feel much more vital and the stiffness in my limbs is significantly reduced. My skin looks more radiant and fresher. My bowel movements have changed in a positive way: I ‘defecate’ several times daily and it is much easier. Thus a small but persistent present hemorrhoid disappeared.

“What could the use of the Gentle Daily Cleansing Tea bring you?

  • Smoother and better bowel movements
  • More vitality
  • A more optimal absorption of nutrients resulting in less hunger / appetite

And also:

  • A positive boost your immune system and thus for your overall well-being
  • Less need for unhealthy eating
  • Better rest

Very important is also to mention:

  • A better mood
  • Weight Loss
  • Skin that radiates

What does Dr. Darrell Wolfe have to say about the tea?

“Gentle Daily Cleansing Tea*”

‘Doc of Detox’ Gentle Daily Cleansing Tea does NOT contain:
stimulants, caffeine, cascara, senna, sugar, harmful chemicals, or pesticides.

’Doc of Detox’ Daily Cleansing Tea has been infused with vibrational frequencies.

Made from the finest quality organic ingredients:

Every day you drink in the morning and in the evening a cup of tea, that’s all.
It goes without saying that it is also wise to eat healthy and varied. Also it is important to drink enough water or herbal tea.

One package Daily Cleansing Tea is for 6 weeks.
Because the tea gives a mild daily cleansing it is recommended to drink it for a longer period to experience the maximum effect.

You are not on your own

Your health is important to me, therefore I will assist you by word and deed, if you wish. You can SKYPE or call me. There is also a Facebook group: Gentle Daily Cleansing Tea – Europe, in which you can participate. Experience has taught me that we are stronger together. A virtual arm around you, an encouraging word or a new idea does wonders.

I have over 20 years experience in the wellness industry and know that a healthy, slim and vital life for all (who let prevail their own health) is possible.

Give yourself a wonderfull gift, order now:

The prices include 50% of the shipping costs (within Europe €11):
1 package = € 49 + €5,50 = € 54,50
2 packages = € 93 + €5,50 = € 98,50
3 packages = € 375 + €5,50 = € 380,50

1 package

  • 6 week supply

€ 54,50

2 packages

  • Benefit 5 euro
  • 12 week supply

€ 98,50

9 packages

  • benefit 66 euro
  • 1 year supply

€ 380,50,-


extra bonusIf you place an order now for 2 packs you will get a personal advice on how to improve your well-being (15 minutes)

If you order now, nine packs then you are invited you will receive an extensive intake interview (45 minutes through Skype) and a personal advice. This will be a great foundation to achieve and hold your desired results.

Detoxification Is Foundational For All True Healing**

70% of your body’s immune system is in your digestive tract, the majority of this 70% is in your large intestine. You must have a compromised immune system if you suffer from pain, inflammation, pre-mature aging, diseases and yes, cancer. We live in the most toxic times this planet has ever experienced, the Royal Society of Medicine did a major study and proved conclusively that 85% of all illness begins in the large intestine. In Natural Health, detoxification is foundational for all healing. In The Medical System, detoxification is never mentioned. Why? Because detoxification eliminates the need for most pharmaceuticals. Let logic prevail, should we do a cleanse every few months and allow the toxic waste to pile up? Should we wait until we’re sick? Or, should we gently cleanse daily and relieve ourselves of at least 85% of the pain and suffering that the majority of the population experiences on a daily basis? Baby Steps Daily is the only true way to live Happy and ‘Healthy To 100’.

What are you waiting for, order now!

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I wish you all the best
Kind regards


* The Daily Cleansing Tea was developed by “Doc or Detox ‘Dr. Darrell Wolfe –
** This text is copied from Tea Manual, “Doc or Detox,” Daily Cleansing Tea – developer Dr. Darrell Wolfe