You have been occupied with your health for a while by paying

attention to what you eat and doing more exercises. 

Despite the fact that you find it difficult to drink 2 liters of water a day, you just do it. 

You really want to feel better and even lose a few pounds and more importantly keep them off. 

With that annoying bloating you would finally want to count on. You are determined and persevering. 

Even at parties and nights out you make healthier choices. 

More and more you leave the drinks with alcohol or you drink only one glass of wine.

You are proud of yourself, that is a fact. 

Annoying is that the desired result is not forthcoming.

You still feel tired and those pounds do not want to stay off. 

You do not understand anything because you do your best.

And that makes it harder for you to stick to your new path. 

You read the health sections and follow different Facebook Pages to keep abreast of the latest developments.

By the amount of different opinions and advice sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees.

'Because feeling good is the fundament for a happy life'!

One off the products we use for a better health is the Daily Cleansing Tea.
A detox tea developed by Dr. Darrel Wolfe. After just 1 day of use we noticed a difference in how we felt.  After one week, our stool was spectacular improved.

We felt better and looked better. This was confirmed by reactions from people in our direct environment. From different sides we got compliments about our appearance and people asked us the question: 'What did you change that you look so good? ............ ' I want that too'.

For us that was the kick-off for working with the Daily Cleansing Tea to help more people.

We offer you the opportunity to change your vitality, weight and health by making daily simple steps.

Of course, that is only possible if you want to put time and energy in yourself.

Kind regards

Arie en Claire



You can relieve more easily!


You can experience more lust for life and more vital.


Unevenness (pimples) may decrease or even disappear.

Bloated Feeling!

A bloated feeling may belong to the past.

Well Being!

You can experience a 'clean' feeling and feel much more comfortable.

'From childhood I suffer from a very bad stool. 1 time per 14 days was more exception than rule. I tried everything and nothing worked well. When I started with the Daily Cleansing Tea, I could not believe what was happening. After just 1 day using the detox tea, I was able to go to the toilet seamlessly. Since then even daily. I'm relieved (also literally because my bloated feeling has disappeared) and never been so happy'.


​​​​Why is the Daily Cleansing Tea the best choice?

Detoxification is foundational for all true healing

We live in the most toxic times this planet has ever experienced.
The Royal Society of Medicine did a major study and proved conclusively that 85% of all illness begins in the large intestine. In Natural Health, detoxification is foundational for all healing.

Let logic prevail, should we do a cleanse every few months and allow the toxic waste to pile up?

Should we wait until we’re sick? Or, should we gently cleanse daily and relieve ourselves of at least 85% of the pain and suffering that the majority of the population experiences on a daily basis?

Daily small steps to detoxify your body is the only way to achieve optimal bowel function. Thus, you are on the way to better health and more quality of life.

Made from the finest organic ingredients

Made from the finest organic ingredients such as:

Milk thistle and Mariadistel (Silybum Marianum)

Blessed Distel (Cnicus Benedict)

Malva leaves

Dessert leaf (Chinese Mallow and Dong Kui)

Khaki leaves (Diospyros Khaki)

March Mallow leaves (Sweetweed)

More advantages

Daily Cleansing Tea does NOT contain:
stimulants, caffeine, cascara, senna, sugar, harmful

chemicals, or pesticides.

’Doc of Detox’ Daily Cleansing Tea has been infused with

vibrational frequencies.

Easy and Simple!

You drink a cup of tea twice a day, in the morning immediately after getting up and in the evening before going to bed.

Enthusiastic? Start Today!


If you are not happy within 14 days you get your money back!
(except costs we have made for shipping or other costs.)